About Us

Fascinating Fens started as a way to be able to promote the Fens. The Fens can be easily overlooked by people who do not know the area or by newcomers.

Fascinating Fens believes in five main principles when promoting the Fens: Heritage, Nature, Creativity, Wellbeing and Accessibility.

Nature: This includes The Fens: landscapes, animals, plants, weather, fields, waterways, sunrises/sunsets. The Fens are home to rare wildlife such as

Heritage: This includes: Buildings, archaeology, farming, pumping stations, museums, folklore, legends,

Creativity: Includes: art galleries, poetry, dancing, drawing/painting, crafts, willow weaving,

Wellbeing: Mindfulness, use of creativity and sport for wellbeing in the fens, walking outdoors.

Accessibility: examples can be encouraging venues/activities to provide a seat for people with limited mobility, events that affordable to attend, competitions that amateurs and professionals can enter, craft activities that take into account people who may have physical disabilities, and venues that are wheelchair accessible where possible (we realise some historic buildings cannot be adapted). Fascinating Fens provides training for accessibility to venues/organisations.