About Us

Fascinating Fens was created Karen purely for the love of the fens, and in the hope it could people bring people and communities together to explore and promote the Fens. It is not for profit.

The fens are unique, inspiring, mysterious, fascinating, beautiful, yet misunderstood….

Fascinating fens Values:

  • To bring people and communities together to promote and explore the fens through heritage, creativity, nature, wellbeing and accessibility.

Fascinating Fens Aims:

  • To Showcase the Fens to all, and show why they are fascinating. Including all fen areas of Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Lincolnshire and Suffolk.
  • To inspire individuals and communities to be proud of their fen homeland, and to provide and facilitate projects to reflect this.
  • To network and collaborate with other groups and organisations who share some of our values, and to champion other not for profit fen organisations.
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