Fascinating Fens Tails:

Meet the our Fascinating Fens characters:

Our Fascinating fens characters feature in our stories, poems, songs, children’s activities, kids workshops and blogs. They form a collection called the Fascinating Fen Tails. Each of the characters and stories link to animals, traditions, folklore and places in the fens. They are a fantastic way to help children learn about the fens and their local history in a fun way:

Muscovy and Eeli

Muscovy is a duck and Eeli is an eel. They both live in the fens near Ely. They now both enjoy exploring, although when we first meet them in their stories Muscovy is nervous to try something new and Eeli is scared to do everything. But now nothing holds them back.

Their stories explore themes of trying new things, friendship, Oliver Cromwell, fen ghosts, hoop trundling, eels, eel day, molly dancing and fen traditions.

Their story books include a trail of Ely which can be followed. The books can be purchased from Ely tourist information, the Babylon Gallery or Soham Bookshop. Or in our shop (see below)

They have featured in “colour me in” Christmas cards, community jigsaw challenge and the Soham Pumpkin Day colouring competition. They have two songs.

Wizzy the Hedgehog…

Wizzy the Hedgehog lives in the Wisbech area of the Fens. She likes maintaining her wildlife garden by watering it and clearing away litter which can be dangerous to other animals. She wears roller skates to help her move faster.

She features in the Neighthan and Berry stories. She also appears in her own poem called “A Wheelie bin boat”. Wizzy likes to help highlight the plight of hedgehogs and how to help them.

Wizzy has her own free downloadable “colour me in” card, see tab below.

Neighthan and Berry…

Neighthan and Berry live on a farm. The farm is located on the border between Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Norfolk. It resembles what a fen farm used to look like when old farming methods were used.

Neighthan is a shire horse foal who has hurt his leg. He gets his name from the sound horses make: neigghhhhhthan. Berry is a mouse.

They feature in their own stories, which include themes of friendship, old farming methods, farming with horses, traditions, folklore, Hickathrift,

Other characters include:

Francis: Is a mallard duck and features as a main character in the Muscovy and Eeli stories.

Tulip the rabbit: lives in the Spalding area of the fens.

Smartie the turkey: enjoys fen skating. Smartie has their own poem and features in the story “Christmas in the Fens”

Hareward the Hare

Fish: is currently nameless. They live in the Kings Lynn area, and enjoys reading.

Children’s activities and workshops:

Fascinating Fens offer a range of activities for children to learn about the fens.

Giant Community Eel:

Help make a large community eel, by colouring in a section

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