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The Fens are a beautiful area of land around the wash, and cover parts of the counties of Cambridgeshire, Norfolk, Lincolnshire and Suffolk.  They have a rich and varied history, stunning buildings, amazing flat fertile countryside and farmlands, rare wildlife, friendly people, unique myths and legends. Fascinating Fens will help you explore and discover more about the fens…

The Fens are fascinating…

Fascinating fens enjoys promoting and exploring the fens through heritage, creativity, nature, wellbeing and accessibility. Inspiring everyone to learn and explore the magic of the Fens.

Our pages about the fens can give you a great insight as to the treasures that the fens hold for visitors, tourists, local residents and local fen communities.

What We Do

Fascinating Fens Tails: Are a great way for children to learn about the fens with characters such as Muscovy the duck, Eeli the eel, Neighthan the foal, Berry the mouse and Wizzy the Hedgehog.

Celebrate the Fens day will be 20th June 2020, please contact us if you would like to get involved. Celebrate the fens day is a great opportunity to explore the fens.

Community activities, events and projects: Follow our blogs or social media to see our last activities in the fens. If you want to get involved with some of our activities or become a volunteer get in touch

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