A huge thank you to @jamesboycebooks writer of Imperial mud, and Ivor Rowlands from @shakespearesGH for speaking at our last #FenFolksFriday. This friday our talk will be from @fensbiosphere. Please book in advance via link below…. #TheFens #Fens

Upcoming Fen Folks Fridays events:

Friday 20th November: Featured: Fens Biosphere. Spotlight: Fascinating Fens update

Friday 4rd December: Featured: Lyn Gibb de Swarte on Fen Skating.

Please book in advance for Fen Folks Fridays, please press here to find the links.

If you love the fens, join us for free zoom #FenFolksFridays. 20th November 7.30pm, speaker is Rachael from @fenbiosphere and update from #FascinatingFens. Please book in advance….

Our featured topic will be from Rachael Brown from the Fens Biosphere. Rachael will be giving a presentation about the aims, people involved and progress of the proposed UNESCO Fens Biosphere.

She’ll ask to pick your brains…in order to apply for Biosphere status they (Fens Biosphere partnership) need to show how people value the Fens, what their concerns for the future are and if they think the Biosphere is a good idea for the area. Rachael hopes you will be happy to help out and give her your opinions. Don’t hold back!

The evening’s spotlight talk (20mins) will be from Fascinating fens. Karen creator of Fascinating fens will be giving a brief overview of how fascinating fens started, current projects and hopes for the future.