Hereward the wake

Hereward the Wake is our Fen hero. He is known as a legendary Anglo-Saxon warrior, who fought against William the Conqueror to help his Fenland people. The full story can be read on the website below.

The Wake Hereward project led by David Maile, is bringing Hereward alive again through activities such as re-enactments, trails and lecturers. David believes, as we do, that Hereward is often forgotten as the Hero he was.

Activity: Meet Hereward on Celebrate The Fens day, at Ramsey Abbey Gatehouse, Thorney Abbey, and Crowland Abbey. Hereward will be performed by the re-enactor Rory G, who will be ‘Roaming the Fens’ 

The project are also invited children to participate in their “Spot the monastery site” competition, where they can win £100 for your school class by entering (see their website for more info)

Date/times: Saturday 17th June 2023,

Ramsey Abbey Gatehouse= 10am -11am

Thorney Abbey (church)= 11.30am-12noon. Thorney Museum = 12-12.30

Crowland Abbey= 1pm-2pm

Cost: Free.

Other information: For more details see: herewardtrail | herewardthewake

Fascinating Fens values: Heritage and community.

Other nearby Celebrate the Fens activities: Crowland Abbey open day, The Great Fen nature walk, Spalding Gentlemen’s Society exhibition, Spalding community art project with Transported.