Crowland is a lovely friendly market town. It is famous for it’s Medieval Abbey and it’s unusual three sided town bridge called Trinity Bridge. Hereward the Wake is believed to buried in the Abbey grounds. More recently, Crowland has been on the news, for the finding of the “Crowland Buffalo” (a world war 2 tank) that has been dug up.

Crowlands Abbey’s Open Day

Join is Crowland Abbey’s Open day featuring: Bell ringing demonstrations, inside & outside guided tours, churchyard guided tours, tower tours, Crowland Quest (adult and children’s versions), children’s trails (Inside & Outside) , display of historical documents and refreshments

Date and Time: 19th June, 10am- 4pm.

Place: Crowland Abbey, Crowland, Lincolnshire, The Fens.

Cost: The event is free, but donations towards to Abbey would be appreciated.

Booking: Not required.

Other information about the event: The venue is 95% wheelchair accessible, with ramps and accessible toilets.

Fascinating Fens Values: The event/activity includes themes of heritage and community spirit.

Nearby: Thorney: Fen Edge Trail guided walk

Fascinating Fen Tails: The Children’s character, Hare-re-ward the Wake (a hare) often visits the area.