Guidelines for organising a public event/activity for Celebrate the fens day:

Thank you for considering putting on a public event or activity to help Celebrate the fens during the Celebrate the Fens day/weekend. Please complete the following steps:

  1. Check the guidelines/criteria below to see if you idea fits with our aims for Celebrate the Fens
  2. Contact Fascinating Fens by email, to arrange a time to discuss your idea via phone or zoom
  3. Complete a registration form with your details of the event/activity, which will be emailed to you.
  4. Advertise your event on social media, we can also provide a blank poster to help you.
  5. Put on your event

Here are the guidelines for putting on an event/activity:

  • Your event/activity must feature at least one of our values when promoting the fens of: Heritage, Creativity, Nature, Wellbeing or Accessibility.
  • The event/activity can be virtual or real life.
  • You are responsible for the health and safety of participants, including making the activity covid secure, having the relevant public liability insurance and taking steps to minimise risk issues that may affect health and safety.
  • We ask that your activity is either free to attend or that you ask for donations. The exemptions to this are if the activity has a physical cost e.g. cost of art materials, car parking or payment for crossing in a boat on a walking tour. We feel it is important that a set payment is not asked for, so that all events are on a level platform and so that people can access the activity without fear of costs, therefore improving accessibility.
  • If possible please complete your registration no later than 6 weeks before the event, so that we can promote your event in the media.

The benefits of putting on a event for your organisation include:

Celebrate the fens day provides a ‘fentastic’ platform, not only for promoting the fens, but for your venue/organisation to showcase what you have to offer. Many places chose it to launch new exhibitions or engage audiences with new projects, or purely to gain awareness of what your organisation is trying to achieve.

Many Thanks